Pack hack for bachelors

Strange things are happening to us, civilized people. We are capable of launching spaceships, treating cancer and hacking the Pentagon, but we can’t seem to handle the simplest stuff. For instance, telling north from south without a compass. Or breaking an egg separating the yolk from the white. Or folding a shirt into a perfect square so that nothing sticks out. Tricks like that can be shown off at parties to a massive round of applause. And if you get the hang of at least a few such secret skills, you can be majorly proud of yourself. So, this video is devoted to everyone who suffers from wardrobe clogging and packing disorder: A few hours of practice, a few wrinkled shirts – and you are a professional shirt folder! I tried it and I loved it. Moreover, I did it to all of my shirts. At last I can pack up better than my mom! Too bad I didn’t watch this video two years ago when I was heading for my first round-the-world cruise… But that’s quite another story. A story I’m gonna tell in my next post. Meanwhile, enjoy the folding, guys!


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