Twists of fate and works of art

Your walls need it!

You know, I have a great hobby that just befits an interior designer – collecting paintings. My friends never understood how I can spend more money on buying useless ‘cardboards painted all over’ than hanging out in bars and clubs on Friday night. You won’t get it until you try! Before I went in for  wall art, I didn’t even noticed how dull my four bare walls were. Now my home looks like a gallery 🙂 There is a canvas on every wall. On some, there are even more than one 🙂 Each painting comes with a story and today I want to tell you one of them. A fascinating seascape by Leonid Afremov called ‘Sunny Clouds’ here… So, it was a usual day…

A painting that changed my life

Actually, no, it wasn’t quite usual. It was one of the worst days in my life. That day, at least three bad, bad things happened:

  • My girlfriend dumped me without explaining why. She just took her things and left while I was at work.
  • While she was packing her stuff at our place, I was packing mine at the office: our company that was never a thriving enterprise, got involved in some shady financial schemes and went broke. I ended up in the street.
  • When I came home, already frustrated about a sudden bitter twist in my career, and found out that I was now both jobless and single, I was delivered the final blow: I broke my favorite cup 😦 Life was miserable and worthless.

To be honest, I was never closer to suicide than that day. I spent no less than an hour just sitting on the floor, surrounded by colorful cup splinters (one of them still showing the brand mark – must have been some sort of corporate voodoo) and staring blankly in front of me. I wasn’t sure how to deal with such an atomic concentration of failures. ‘I can’t stay here,’ I thought. ‘I need to start everything anew! New life!’ But what exactly did I have to do? I decided to use a proven method: fortune-googling. It’s easy. And efficient. You just put in a random query and hit the first result. I typed in a few words off the top of my head. And got this painting. A splendid sundown at sea, sunny sky with clouds colored marvelously by the last beams, beautiful sparkling water and a lonely boat gliding over the waves… Lonely and free… Something clicked in my head. That was what I needed! And believe it or not, but I applied for a position of a steward on a cruise liner and spend a year traveling all over the world, seeing different countries. That made me a different person. A better person. All this thanks to Leonid Afremov and his wonderful painting! Sure thing, I bought it. Now it’s my lucky charm 🙂 Perhaps you have any stories like this too? I’d like to hear them!