Twists of fate and works of art

Your walls need it!

You know, I have a great hobby that just befits an interior designer – collecting paintings. My friends never understood how I can spend more money on buying useless ‘cardboards painted all over’ than hanging out in bars and clubs on Friday night. You won’t get it until you try! Before I went in for  wall art, I didn’t even noticed how dull my four bare walls were. Now my home looks like a gallery 🙂 There is a canvas on every wall. On some, there are even more than one 🙂 Each painting comes with a story and today I want to tell you one of them. A fascinating seascape by Leonid Afremov called ‘Sunny Clouds’ here… So, it was a usual day…

A painting that changed my life

Actually, no, it wasn’t quite usual. It was one of the worst days in my life. That day, at least three bad, bad things happened:

  • My girlfriend dumped me without explaining why. She just took her things and left while I was at work.
  • While she was packing her stuff at our place, I was packing mine at the office: our company that was never a thriving enterprise, got involved in some shady financial schemes and went broke. I ended up in the street.
  • When I came home, already frustrated about a sudden bitter twist in my career, and found out that I was now both jobless and single, I was delivered the final blow: I broke my favorite cup 😦 Life was miserable and worthless.

To be honest, I was never closer to suicide than that day. I spent no less than an hour just sitting on the floor, surrounded by colorful cup splinters (one of them still showing the brand mark – must have been some sort of corporate voodoo) and staring blankly in front of me. I wasn’t sure how to deal with such an atomic concentration of failures. ‘I can’t stay here,’ I thought. ‘I need to start everything anew! New life!’ But what exactly did I have to do? I decided to use a proven method: fortune-googling. It’s easy. And efficient. You just put in a random query and hit the first result. I typed in a few words off the top of my head. And got this painting. A splendid sundown at sea, sunny sky with clouds colored marvelously by the last beams, beautiful sparkling water and a lonely boat gliding over the waves… Lonely and free… Something clicked in my head. That was what I needed! And believe it or not, but I applied for a position of a steward on a cruise liner and spend a year traveling all over the world, seeing different countries. That made me a different person. A better person. All this thanks to Leonid Afremov and his wonderful painting! Sure thing, I bought it. Now it’s my lucky charm 🙂 Perhaps you have any stories like this too? I’d like to hear them!





Pack hack for bachelors

Strange things are happening to us, civilized people. We are capable of launching spaceships, treating cancer and hacking the Pentagon, but we can’t seem to handle the simplest stuff. For instance, telling north from south without a compass. Or breaking an egg separating the yolk from the white. Or folding a shirt into a perfect square so that nothing sticks out. Tricks like that can be shown off at parties to a massive round of applause. And if you get the hang of at least a few such secret skills, you can be majorly proud of yourself. So, this video is devoted to everyone who suffers from wardrobe clogging and packing disorder: A few hours of practice, a few wrinkled shirts – and you are a professional shirt folder! I tried it and I loved it. Moreover, I did it to all of my shirts. At last I can pack up better than my mom! Too bad I didn’t watch this video two years ago when I was heading for my first round-the-world cruise… But that’s quite another story. A story I’m gonna tell in my next post. Meanwhile, enjoy the folding, guys!


Hey there!

I’m Mike, just another guy from Stanford looking to make new friends 🙂 I just moved here to study interior design and feel a bit lonely without my old buddies. Of course, I’m about to meet a lot of people at college, but for now it would be nice to just even chat with someone local. I’m a rather cheerful and outgoing person and I don’t like idly sitting around. I love spending time out in the open and travel a lot. I’m interested in culture and art, that’s one of the reasons I decided to become an interior designer. Hope it works 🙂